How Bad Is It To Have Bats On My Milwaukee Property?


When people think about living in Milwaukee, they think of baseball and beer – two iconically American qualities. Ask any Milwaukeean; they are passionate and take great pride in the simple pleasures that make Milwaukee home. But when you start to hear squeaking in the attic, your simple pleasures can quickly turn into concern and for a good reason. Rabid bat populations are on the rise in the Midwest and can be a severe health and safety risk if they are found inside your home.

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Description Of Local Bats

As a common problem found in the metropolitan area throughout Southeastern Wisconsin, having bats in your Milwaukee home can be a severe problem and should be taken care of as soon as it is discovered. With over 12 different species of bats in Wisconsin, bats can range in color and size. Typically, they are about the size of a thumb with a wingspan of about 11 to 16 inches and are brown with darker spots on their back and upper body.  Bats feed on insects such as mosquitoes, moths, and beetles and serve as a fantastic organic pest-control method. Bats go hunting at night when the insects are most active, typically immediately after sunset and just before sunrise. A bat can normally devour up to 6,000 mosquito-sized insects in just one night. While very useful to humans in this manner, bats can cause serious safety concerns.  Bats seek shelter in buildings to be protected from predators. They enter your home by squeezing their way into tiny spaces to make their way into walls, chimneys, attics, and other structures.

Where You’ll Likely Find Bats On Your Milwaukee Property

When bats enter your home, they find areas that have easy access to the outdoors, are dark, and typically undisturbed. Such places include chimneys, barns, wall voids, and attics. It’s not uncommon to go several years without knowing that bats are nesting in your home due to how secluded they become.

Top Signs That Bats Are Living In Your Milwaukee Home:

  • Droppings on attic insulation

  • Urine stains on the attic walls

  • Your attic has a strong smell of ammonia

  • Hearing scratching or squeaking noises 

  • Piles of droppings near the entry point in one corner of the attic

  • Seeing dead or live bats

Bats are creatures of habit. They will return to the same spot year after year if they can get to it. That means if you don’t seal up entry points, the same bats will most likely return. Bats have 1-2 pups per year which they keep tucked away in the privacy of your attic or chimney. If you don’t take action by calling your local pest company, Ewert Pest Control, you put yourself at risk of getting bit.

Dangers Of Bats

Unfortunately, controlling bats is not like managing other types of pests. Some Wisconsin bat species are protected, so some removal forms are illegal at some points during the year. Bats can carry rabies which is transmittable to humans via their saliva. 

Reasons to reach out to the professionals: 

  • Bats can create ugly rub marks and destroy your home’s outside aesthetics in the area where they exit their roosting place.

  • Bats deposit urine and guano (droppings) that can act as a medium for the growth of microorganisms that can pose serious health risks such as histoplasmosis disease. Their urine can be foul-smelling and can pose a threat to your loved ones. 

  • Bats can cause severe damage to your homes. They can meddle with operations of utilities and cause water contamination or block pumps. 

  • Another health threat is that some bats have rabies. Although rare, rabid bats give everyone enough reason why handling bats should only be done with a professional bat control service provider, like Ewart Pest Control. 

Bat Removal Is Safest With Ewert Pest Control

While seeing animals in nature is beautiful, they can become dangerous when they invade your business or property. If you have an issue with bats, let the professionals at Ewert Pest Control take care of it for you. We provide safe, humane wildlife trapping and relocation services to the bats of your property and into a secure area where they can live their lives the way they are meant to. Contact us at Ewert Pest Control to get rid of those pesky bats once and for all.

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