How Dangerous Are Wolf Spiders In Milwaukee, WI?


Spiders arouse fear in people for several reasons. Their appearance is very strange, with their long, hunched legs, bulky body centers, and multiple eyes. Some are even hairy to boot. Also, several can jump distances or scurry with the speed of light. The worst part is that they make gross webs and have fangs to help them inject venom into prey. You can get caught in their sticky masses or be bitten.

While they are visually unsettling, a few spiders are arguably harmless. Just as many can be dangerous though. It’s wise to learn about as many subspecies as you can. That way, you’ll be aware of potential risks and how to handle each. Learn more about local wolf spiders and how Ewert Pest Control can be of assistance in Milwaukee. WI.

an up close image of a wolf spider crawling on the ground

How Do Wolf Spiders Operate? What Are the Risks?

Wolf spiders are a sizable 1 inch long. In terms of color, they are brown, black, or gray with yellow adornments. Many people will think that they’re tarantulas or brown recluses because of their furry frames, but they’re much more burly. Also, their eight legs aren’t as lengthy. They have lots of eyes, as most spiders.

You’re most likely to see wolf spiders in areas with an abundance of organic matter, water, and sand. Riverbanks, meadows, and forests are examples. They’ll nestle in stacks of leaves and wood, and tall grass. If your yard has a garden or isn’t well maintained, it will be a haven for these arachnids. Your landscaping will certainly be damaged, as wolf spiders create burrows in soil and dirt. They don’t spin webs.  Outdoor habitats are ideal for wolf spiders, but they’ll enter your home or business if they are low on food or the climate is too chilly. It’s easy for them to slip through openings around foundations, doors, and windows. If they leave those spots, they’ll go to the nearest basement, garage, or plant. The only signs of infestation you might have are yard burrows and seeing these pests straight away. Further important facts about wolf spiders are:

  • Expect pain from their rare bites, but not a medical emergency.
  • Your personal belongings won’t be ruined by them.
  • They aren’t known to spread illness.
  • They are active after sunset and can run swiftly.
  • Since they eat insects, you might have a general pest issue.
  • There are many subspecies of wolf spiders.

How Can You Prevent Wolf Spiders?

Wolf spiders aren’t welcome at all. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t a big threat to domestic animals or humans. To have them at bay, preventative protocols must be followed consistently. Take these steps: 

  • Reduce clutter so they won’t have hiding places.
  • Cut the grass and trim greenery regularly.
  • Sit woodpiles, plants, and flowers at least two feet away from the property.
  • Use containers with tight lids for food and trash storage.  
  • Repair leaks and moisture problems.
  • Patch up holes in windows, doors, and foundations.
  • Make sure that door sweeps and window screens are intact.
  • Contact Ewert Pest Control if you have critters spiders eat, like flies and ants.

What Will Ewert Pest Control Do About Wolf Spiders?

You can save time and money by reaching out to us at Ewert Pest Control. Commercial products are often designed in extremes, being too weak or too toxic. Moreover, they generally aren’t affordable. Our certified technicians will use thorough and environmentally friendly treatments to rid your residence of wolf spiders. Vegetation, pets, and people will be safe. Our plans are reasonably priced and comprehensive. Guard your property against these scary bugs! Call us today to get started with your home pest control plan!

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