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Quality Pest Protection For Your Green Bay Business

A pest infestation in your Green Bay business threatens your reputation and puts your customers, staff, and guests at risk of becoming ill or getting injured. Getting rid of the infestation is of utmost importance, but it's not as easy as simply eliminating the symptoms without getting directly to the root of the problem. Additionally, every business industry has different needs and must meet various requirements, so no two businesses will ever require the same exact pest control services. 

At Ewert Pest Control, our technicians have the training needed to solve every kind of pest problem. We are skilled at working within the guidelines set forth for a wide variety of commercial industries. If your business is experiencing a pest infestation, don't waste time on "solutions" that only scrape the surface and allow your pest problems to keep returning. Get to the root of the problem with the experienced help of Ewert Pest Control.

What To Expect From Ewert Pest Control

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At Ewert Pest Control, our strategy takes your entire situation into account in order to solve your pest problems. We use the Integrated Pest Management methodology, which provides long-term solutions by managing and modifying a number of factors that can contribute to a pest infestation while using the least amount of product necessary. IPM provides your business with efficient and effective pest control with a low impact on the environment and anyone who steps onto your property.

We'll begin your service with a free inspection where you can describe the problems you've seen. We then thoroughly inspect your building's interior and exterior and can sit down with you to discuss a pest control plan that will work for your business.

During the initial treatment, we place monitoring devices inside, enabling us to understand where pest activity is most problematic and what steps are necessary to eliminate those problems. We also apply a liquid barrier around the exterior of your building and remove any spider webs or nests that have accumulated. If there are entry points around your building that need sealing to prevent pests from getting inside, we offer exclusion work at an additional cost.

After the initial service, we will work with you to determine a follow-up schedule that best suits your business. Monthly or bi-monthly services are common, but we will fully customize the schedule and treatments to meet your unique needs.


Facilities We Service

man looking at clothes in a store


Your retail store will suffer damage to its inventory and a damaged reputation if pests get inside. Keep them out with the services offered by Ewert Pest Control.

inside of a restaurant


No one wants to see pests running rampant while they're eating dinner. Protect your restaurant and your patrons with help from Ewert Pest Control.

inside of a warehouse


Pests can be difficult to control if they gain access to a large building such as a warehouse. Protect your facility by partnering with Ewert Pest Control.

inside a doctors office


Your patients need a clean, pest-free environment in which to heal from injuries or illness. Keep your hospital pest-free with Ewert Pest Control.

backpacks on a bench at school


Students should feel safe and free from unnecessary distractions when they go to school. Eliminate dangerous and distracting pests by partnering with Ewert Pest Control.

inside a hotel room


Your guests will not return to your business if they discover you have a pest problem. Keep pests out of your hotel with help from Ewert Pest Control.

Why Choose Ewert Pest Control For Commercial Pest Control?

You want to give your business the best chance to succeed, but a pest infestation threatens that chance. If you need pest control, Ewert Pest Control offers the best service available.

  • We are licensed and certified.

  • We are highly trained.

  • We have been serving the Green Bay area since 2015.

  • We use Integrated Pest Management to eliminate and prevent pests with minimal product usage.

  • We serve a wide range of commercial industries.

  • We use eco-friendly products that are safe for people, pets, and plants.

  • We offer free commercial inspections.

  • We guarantee our services.

  • We customize your pest control plan to meet your business's specific needs.

  • We offer emergency and same-day services.

  • We work with love, integrity, and courage.

  • We are members of the National Pest Management Association.

  • We are Wisconsin Pest Control Association members.

  • We are National Wildlife Control Operators.

In addition to our general pest control services, we offer the following specialty services:

Your Green Bay Business Deserves To Be Pest-Free

You work hard to keep your business going, and you don't need anything getting in the way of its success. If pests invade, they put your business at risk by damaging its reputation, as well as your facility, inventory, and equipment. Protecting your business, customers, and staff from pests doesn't have to be difficult. Ewert Pest Control has the experience and skill to solve your pest problems quickly and effectively. Contact us today to request a free quote.


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Commercial Pest Control Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Your Service Area?

We serve the greater Green Bay area. Our service area includes Milwaukee, Green Bay, Shawano, and Appleton.

What Kinds Of Pests Do You Treat?

We provide services to tackle all of the pests in our area, including general pests, such as spiders, ants, and beetles, pests that require specialized treatments, such as termites and bed bugs, and wildlife, such as bats, rodents, raccoons, and even coyotes.

What Industries Do You Service?

We provide our pest control services to a wide range of industries. Some of the businesses we've serviced include retail stores, restaurants and bars, storage facilities, hospitality businesses such as hotels, schools, hospitals, office buildings, apartments, grocery stores, and more. No matter what industry your business is in, we can help.


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