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Not only is Green Bay, WI, home to the Green Bay Packers, but it’s also one of Wisconsin’s oldest settlements. It’s a progressive and growing city brimming with lots of spirit and personality. However, we’re also brimming with pests. Local pest populations are active here in Green Bay all year long, and they’re eager to access any sources of food, water, and shelter on our properties. That exposes us to the perils of a pest infestation, and that’s a threat best left up to professionals to resolve.

Welcome to Ewert Pest Control, the Milwaukee metro area’s go-to source for quality pest solutions. Since 2015, we’ve been offering green, eco-friendly pest treatments that are safe for people, pets, and plants. We’re proud to service residential and commercial properties throughout Brown County and the surrounding areas, bringing personalized treatment plans to all of our customers that they can rely on throughout the year. Reach out to us today, and have a wonderful, pest-free day!

Home Pest Control In Green Bay, WI

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If you want to effectively protect your Green Bay home from the threat of a household pest infestation, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Ewert Pest Control, we’ve serviced over 400 local residences with comprehensive residential pest control services. Starting with a thorough inspection, we determine the right approach and get started on customizing a treatment plan just for you.

As members of the NPMA, Wisconsin PC Association, and the National Wildlife Control Operators, we work hard to bring you the highest level of professionalism and customer service. Our treatments are thorough, personalized, and guaranteed. Along with our basic pest control solutions, we offer additional residential services for bed bugs control, mosquito control, wildlife trapping and relocation, bat removal, attic services, and rodent control. Call today for your free estimate.

Commercial Pest Control In Green Bay, WI

Pest infestations can quickly destroy your business’s reputation. It poses a threat to your customers, your employees, and your entire operation. That’s why we highly recommend professional pest control services. Our commercial pest solutions give dependable pest protection that Green Bay businesses can trust. We specialize in commercial cockroach control, drain flies, fruit flies, and rodent prevention, and offer solutions for all of your general pest control needs. Our commercial pest process entails:

Free Inspection

  • We consult with the owner or manager to confirm the information and go over their concerns.

  • We perform an interior and exterior inspection to identify pest activity and entry points.

  • We look for cracks and crevices and inspect attic, crawl spaces, roof, vent spaces, etc.


  • We apply an exterior foundation liquid barrier.

  • We treat eaves, windows, garages, around doors, along the foundation. 

  • We install interior monitoring devices.

  • We perform de-webbing throughout the facility.

  • We provide exclusion work at an additional cost.

Follow Up 

  • We perform monthly or bi-monthly follow-up services.

  • Our service schedule and treatments are customizable for each business.

Our team has serviced a variety of commercial properties, such as retail spaces, restaurants, bars, warehouses, storage facilities, hospitality, schools, hospitals, offices, apartments, grocery stores, and many others. Get in touch with us today to schedule your complimentary inspection.

Mosquito Control: How To Reduce Mosquitoes In Green Bay Yards

Mosquitoes are disease-spreading biting pests. The scary thing is that you have no way of knowing which mosquitoes may be carrying a vector-borne illness, so you never know when you may get infected by a bite. That’s why it’s important to do everything you can to avoid mosquitoes around your property. Try the following preventative tips to keep mosquitoes away from your Green Bay yard:

  • Eliminate sources of standing water.

  • Install screens in all doors and windows and repair any damaged or ripped screens.

  • Maintain a healthy lawn and yard and regularly trim vegetation.

  • Prevent water from collecting in buckets, tires, pet bowls, etc.

If you’re looking for year-round, comprehensive mosquito control services, contact the Ewert Pest Control team. We have the experience to detect and eliminate mosquito activity in Green Bay, WI, and we give you ongoing maintenance you can rely on. Give us a call today to address your mosquito control needs.

Five Ways To Keep Pest Wildlife Out Of Your Green Bay Home

Here in Green Bay, wildlife find their way into your home when searching for two things — shelter and food. A good way to reduce your chances of experiencing wildlife activity on your property is to eliminate any conditions that provide them with either harborage or sustenance. Here are five ways to keep pest wildlife out of your Green Bay Home:

1. Inspect and pest-proof crawl spaces, porches, and decks.

2. Maintain a clean living space (inside and outside).

3. Seal off and protect all entry points; install chimney caps. 

4. Store your food properly in sealed, airtight containers.

5. Take the trash out regularly and keep it in a bin with secure lids.

While these tips can help, the fact is that the most reliable way to make sure you have total protection against local wildlife in Green Bay, WI is to call in the pros. Ewert Pest Control has the experience needed to deal with common wildlife in the area. From bats to skunks, snakes to raccoons, or squirrels to coyotes, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to get started; we’re eager to help.


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