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Located on the western coast of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is the largest metropolis in the state of Wisconsin. It’s a place rich in history and culture, and a wonderful place to live, work, and play. Unfortunately, pests also think so. These intruders pose a year-round threat to Milwaukee home and business owners, exposing us all to the dangers of an infestation. If you want guaranteed protection from a pest infestation, you’ve come to the right place.

Ewert Pest Control is here to address all of your residential and commercial pest control needs. We are a family owned and operated pest control company that has been servicing the greater Milwaukee area with complete pest solutions since 2015. Our family-oriented company has been protecting the community from a variety of common area pests, such as spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, fleas and ticks, mosquitoes, stinging insects, wildlife, rodents, and pest birds. Whatever your pest problem, we’re here to help. Reach out today to get started.

Home Pest Control In Milwaukee, WI

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We’ve protected over 400 local homeowners from the detriments of household infestations. From the initial inspection through every follow-up visit, we bring you personalized home pest control in Milwaukee, WI you can count on all year long. Our residential pest control process includes:


  • Consultation regarding the infestation

  • Review of the necessary paperwork

  • Interior and exterior inspection

  • Inspection of cracks and crevices, attic, crawl space, roof, vent spaces, etc.

Initial Service

  • Preventative barrier liquid application around the exterior and interior baseboards

  • Treatment of eaves, windows, garage, around doors, along the foundation

  • Laying down monitoring devices throughout the interior

  • Sweeping down spider webs

  • Necessary exclusion work (offered at an additional charge)

Ongoing Services

  • Exterior maintenance

  • Interior service upon request

Our certified technicians perform customized services, always leading with love, integrity, and courage. We strive to keep the community pest-free and protected, and we’re proud to be National Wildlife Control Operators and proud members of the NPMA, the Wisconsin PC Association. Get in touch with us today for your complimentary service quote.

Commercial Pest Control In Milwaukee, WI

If you want to secure year-round pest protection for your Milwaukee business, get in touch with the team at Ewert Pest Control right away. We service all kinds of commercial properties with comprehensive pest services. Some of the facilities we’ve worked with include retail spaces, restaurants, bars, warehouses, storage facilities, hospitality, schools, hospitals, offices, apartments, grocery stores, and many others. We’re proud to offer eco-friendly treatments that are safe for people, animals, and plants.

Our team specializes in commercial cockroach control, drain flies, fruit flies, and rodent prevention. Whatever pest pressures you’re facing, we’re eager to assist you. We put your safety and satisfaction at the very top of our list, and we’re here to make all of your days wonderful, pest-free days. Call today to get started.

Bed Bug Control Techniques For Milwaukee Properties

Finding out that you have a bed bug problem is very upsetting, especially when you think about the fact that bed bugs feed on our blood while we’re asleep. If you want to be proactive at preventing bed bugs around your Milwaukee home or business, here are some things you can try:

  • Use protective encasements on all box springs and mattresses.

  • Wash and dry all of your clothing, linens, and bedding on high heat to kill off bed bugs.

  • Regularly vacuum and steam clean upholstery, curtains, rugs, and carpets. 

  • Carefully inspect any items entering the premises, like secondhand furniture and clothing.

If you think there may be bed bugs around your Milwaukee property, the smartest thing to do is get in touch with the pest experts right away. Here at Ewert Pest Control, we offer guaranteed bed bug solutions for Milwaukee residents that bring you quality results you can trust. Call us today to discuss your bed bug control needs; we’re here to help.

Four DIY Rodent Solutions To Avoid In Milwaukee

When it comes to effective rodent control and prevention in Milwaukee, WI, DIY solutions just don’t cut it. Why? Because DIY methods are only temporary fixes that fail to give you lasting results. Here are four DIY rodent solutions you should not use around your Milwaukee home or business:

1. Putting mothballs around the house to deter rodents

2. Using the scent of peppermint oil to keep them away from the area

3. Placing ultrasonic repellent devices around the structure to trigger them 

4. Installing traps randomly around entry points and hot spots

The fact is these DIY efforts have little to no effect on rodent activity. If anything, they offer short-term solutions that will only cost you more in the long run. Instead of wasting your time and money, it’s best to leave your rodent control needs to the professionals. Every Pest Control has the expertise to thoroughly treat your rodent infestation and keep it from coming back throughout the year. Contact us today to get started; we look forward to your call.


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